Sunday School: Sun. 10am

Cross Walk: Sun. 6pm

Special Topic Small Groups: Throughout the Week (Contact Josh for more info)

The student ministry goes beyond Sunday School and Worship services with the expressed purpose to lead youth to a deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and the Christian Doctrines.  To lead students to a deeper personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to provide an opportunity for Christian fun and fellowship.

The student ministry of NHBC seeks to be:

  1. Kingdom Expanding: We are evangelistic in nature, training our students to be evangelistic as well. So that the kingdom of God is expanded.
  2. Character Transforming: We are not interested in simple moralism. Rather our goal is to introduce students to Jesus. Through him can one's character be truly transfored and lives can be changed.
  3. Culture Shaping: We seek to equip our students to be agents of change in their schools and even in our church. 

To challenge and stretch our youth, we participate in mFUGE camps, Fields of Faith, D-now weekend, Winter Retreats, Special Topics classes, in home small groups, student service days, and plenty more. We have many more opportunities for them throughout the year, inquire on our website, our Facebook page, and by calling the church. You can always check our church calendar for up to date information. We send a family ministry newsletter each month. Contact if you want to be in the loop.

Camps and Retreats

It's easier to for us to show you than to tell you... Here are clips from this year's Mission-Fuge Camp, and MLK Weekend Retreat.